Geishagoll Siamese

Geishagoll Siamese kittens sold as pets have at least two of their kitten vaccinations completed; males are neutered and females are spayed. Typically males have enough body weight and size around 16 weeks of age to be neutered; females need between 16-20 weeks to have enough body weight and size for spay surgery.

We are a FeLV/FIV negative household. Any new cats that we purchase are tested for FeLV/FIV, Idexx stool analysis, and cultured for parasites such as ringworm. We do this to protect the health and welfare of our cats and ensure that you take home a healthy kitten or adult.  We want to make sure our kittens leave here healthy and well-adjusted.

Contact Geishagoll Siamese for additional information and photos. Felines 4 months to one year of age fall into the "kitten" category. We occasionally have retired spayed/neutered older adults available for sale.  The older adults make wonderful and loving pets; these kitties are retired show and breeding adults that have sweet, mature temperaments.

We will arrange transport for your Geishagoll Siamese, typically using Delta Airlines, when weather is favorable; local pick-up in cases of extreme temperatures is encouraged.  We will gladly meet you at the airport to deliver your kitten if you fly into Salt Lake City.  Hand carry services to your airport curbside are also available, using a pet transport company. Contact us for pricing, as this varies depending on your location and time of the year.

Costs for airfare, airlines-approved kennel, and vetting with State Health certificate for your Geishagoll Siamese's flight are separate. Contact us for pet prices for spayed/neutered (de-sexed) kittens, as each litter of kittens is from different pairings of adults (and those adults' offspring may be more winning in the show ring than others.).  If you are interested in furthering your catteries' line with Geishagoll Siamese, please contact us for more information. To reserve a kitten we require a non-refundable deposit of $200.  Veterinary references available.  To see a copy of our contract, please click here.

To learn more about the breed, please click: 

Breed Description Video featuring Grand Premier Geishagoll Talia on

To be a breeder in the Cat Fancier's Association is a difficult but rewarding challenge.  Your kitten will have non-stop supervision, love, a happy and clean environment, the best veterinary care, and the best nutrition available.

Breeding requires long hours of dedication and work to make sure your kitten has the very best pedigree and the best of health.

Past litter of CH Sanmaurs Alaska of Geishagoll

To breed correctly is a very expensive venture and is done for the pure love of the breed.  Every cent earned (and then some) is put back into the care of our beloved Siamese.

Responsible Breeders are not the cause of pet overpopulation.

Check out Siameseundercover on YouTube for some at home and show videos of some of our kittens and cats!

Geishagoll Siamese has the right to refuse sales, or refund monies paid, if it is deemed by the breeder that the cat/kitten and prospective adopting family are not good fits.

We do not adopt kittens/cats on a trial basis. After one week we do not refund any money. We ask that you think carefully about adoption as it is hard on the cat to be bounced back and forth, and that is not our hope for any of them.

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