Geishagoll Siamese

Letters from Our Adoptive Families

We have had Siamese cats in our family for over 35 years. In the past, we had some cats from one breeder who turned out to have some serious genetic medical problems. Of course, even with their challenges, we cared for and loved them dearly. After those experiences, we decided to be very careful before we obtained any more Siamese kittens. Then we heard about Geishagoll and Constance through our veterinarian. We were told that she has beautiful and most important, HEALTHY kittens. After Constance carefully interviewed us, we now have two stunningly handsome male chocolate point "babies" from Geishagoll -- KiKi BeBop and KoKo Rio. They are smart, quick, playful, cuddly, inquisitive and the absolute joy of our lives. We are thrilled!! Everyone who sees our cats asks us where we got them. Constance does a wonderful job of bringing up the kittens, socializing them and selecting the best match for the family. She keeps meticulous records, carefully plans transportation via the airlines and then requests to be called to be certain that the "hand off" is flawless. We have been totally satisfied with every aspect of our experience with Geishagoll.

Rick and Doris


They say we don’t select our animals, they select us. If that’s true, we could not be luckier—because Nuala (with Connie’s help) picked us as her ‘forever family’. She was certainly treated like the “royal princess” she is, in her former home—but needed some space and less gal pals in her meezer-world to really come into her own..and she certainly has! Nuala is exactly what you’d expect from a friend, a pet, and a living goddess; she is mischievous, loves to play with her sparkle wand, carries a toy bird around the house and meows at it, demands love and worship in her own little 9-lb way, and purrs loud enough to be heard on another floor. She adores her feline buddy Zulie, who was heartbroken at the loss of his Nuala layingmeezer-mentor Gheera—and Nuala bounced and chirped her way into Zulie’s and my heart a little over a year ago. She closes her eyes when she meows, and wrinkles her nose when she eats—and she’s got her own favorite spots, way above her minions on the cat perch, and loves to recline in late-afternoon sunbeams. We are forever grateful to her wonderful ‘first Mom’ Connie for allowing us the opportunity to share this beautiful creature’s life!


Hi Connie,

Misu is an absolute delight. She is cute, cuddly and so very loving. She loves to snuggle under my chin and purr. She has been very well socialized by Connie and already rides in the car in her carrier with no problem. We chose the name Tiramisu because of her chocolate and cream color. The name in Italian translates to 'pick-me-up' as in raising your mood, she certainly does that but she also takes it literally and begs to be picked up and carried around with me. She is a total love bug.

MisuMisu has now made many car trip to Arizona, California and now even to Vegas. She has been a real trooper. She never batted an eyelash at anything or anyplace. She settles down in the carrier with Thai and goes to sleep. When we get there she eats first, uses her litter box has a look around and then jumps on the bed and relaxes. Misu and Thai Pie get along like true sisters. Playing, wrestling and playing the pounce and chase game, racing around the house. Then they are ready to curl up in their bed together and wash each other.

With best wishes,


Hi Connie,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this message for your website. I hope I did not delay your website production.

Vala Mal Doran or Vala for short is hands down the love of my life. I flew to Utah from LA to met Connie to pick Vala up and the moment I saw her I knew Vala had a bigger than life personality. Connie called her "The Little Girl" and I quickly learned why. I have had many cats in my life, but I have never had a Siamese. She is very talkative, demanding, an attention hog, curious, funny and the sweetest lovable cat I have ever had. People instantly fall in love with Vala when they come over to visit. The UPS and FedEx guy come in to play with her when they drop off packages and my neighbors come over to see her. She is a lap kitty, a bed buddy and a delight to see when I walk in the door every day after work.

People always ask me where did I get such a sweet cat and I tell them about Connie and how she is amazing with her siamese cats. Connie was recommended to me by a close friend who has two of Connie's cats and I am not shy to tell them if you are looking for beautiful and loving Siamese... call Connie.

I hope this works. Let me know if I need to rewrite this for you.

Thanks again,
Quinn and Vala

Sir Maxwell Silver

Maxwell came into our lives needing to fill a huge void as we had lost a little lilac boy at the age of 2 ½ to kidney failure. The boy we lost was wonderful with the grandbabies, so this was important to us. Connie had said both of his parents were very personable and used to kids so we thought we had a chance.

MaxwellMax is WONDERFUL with the kids! The 1 year old pounds his back & pulls his ears & buries her face in his tummy and he purrs through it all. Never, ever has he hissed or swatted at them. In fact, I don’t believe I have ever heard Max hiss. He loves for the 6 yr. old & 3 yr. old to play with him. He plays string with them, feather chase and his very favorite above all is playing fetch with a crumpled tea bag packet. The crumpled tea bag packets are his VERY favorite toy. He will bat them around the house relentlessly, although he would much prefer to play fetch with a human.

Maxwell is possibly the most loving cat we have ever had. He purrs constantly. If I am sitting in a chair, he will crawl behind me and crawl up my back and drape himself over my shoulder. He loves to ride around the house draped over the back of my neck. I call him my living shawl. When he is not playing, he is cuddling. If he is not in a human lap, he is curled up with his big brother, Winston. He loves being picked up & handled. He purrs the second he is touched.

MaxwellHe still has some house rules to learn. He does not like the “Thou shalt not stroll across my kitchen counter” rule. When I scold him, he throws himself into a rolling, purring ball at my feet as if to say “see how adorable I am, you just can’t get mad at me, can you?” While we still struggle with jumping on counters & tables, never, ever has he clawed anything inappropriate. He took to clawing posts immediately. He also knew his name immediately because we named him when he was about a month old so he was called by his name before we got him. Another amazing personality trait: He is fearless! He goes straight up to anything to investigate. I have never seen him arch his back. Nothing fazes him, my son’s big dog, the vacuum, a huge package being delivered…..everything is “oooh, I wanna see.”

When I have been out of the house, Winston & Maxwell are always right at the door as I come in telling me how much they missed me. I always look forward to opening that door, knowing they are right behind it.

I am so thankful for you Connie. I admire, and am gratefully appreciative of, what you do as a Breeder of the beautiful (Show-Style) Siamese. I have known, heard, and personally seen the great strides you have taken in caring for your kitties. I, as each family that comes in contact with you, benefits from your devotion, love, and careful mindful diligence in what you do. All of that shows in the kitties you produce, show, and share with others.

I have been blessed...and Connie I so mean get each of my kitties from you. They have all come to me happy, healthy, and with such sweet open personable dispositions that their adjustment into our home is without upset and worry. That speaks of you and what you do.

I have no doubt God brought us together. For the things I valued, wanted, and hoped for in my kitties...I have found in your breeding. You exemplify what a Breeder should be about...and so found doing.

You are appreciated, and admired!

Melody Shaw
Point Heavenward Siamese

Dear Connie,

Where do I begin to say how much we love little Widget!?

It was such an unexpected surprise after putting our name on the waiting list with Point Heavenward for a Siamese kitten to receive an e-mail that one was coming available from Geishagoll Siamese. Of course the answer on our part was "yes!!"

We have had only Siamese cats our whole lives, but have grown enamored with the modern show-style Siamese after having our beloved Piccolo for the past 12 years. He has been an only child for the past 9 years and we have wanted to get him a kitten of his own for a long time. Finally the time just seemed right and here into our lives came Widget.

We met Melody at the airport as she was receiving a kitten of her own from Geishagoll the same day, an exciting day for the both of us!

Connie and Melody, thank you both so much, from the very beginning he knew we were his mom and dad and even though his personality is just a smidge on the shy side he purrs the minute we reach down to pet him or even talk to him. Our cat Piccolo accepted him immediately and Widget was fine with him too and now chases him around jumping on him and wanting to play all day long, and Piccolo has been so patient and sweet.

Widget loves to eat and has learned to gallop around the house and seems to always be right on our heels as he wants to do everything with us, adorable. He loves to sit in our lap and lets me put his sweater on him and even trim his nails with no objection. He is perfectly box trained and it is clear that the handling he had prior to us receiving him helped him to adjust so quickly. We just love him so much and he just immediately seemed like a member of our family he fit in so well.

Thank you both so much for bringing this furry bundle of joy into our lives, he will be the recipient of a lifetime of love from us!

Scott and Nancy

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