Geishagoll Siamese

Cattery Policy and Frequently asked Questions

Can we choose our kitten?

Since 1987, Geishagoll Siamese has focused on breeding beautiful Siamese cats to the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) standard with health, temperament, and beauty as our foremost objectives.

It is difficult to determine the full conformation of a Siamese kitten until they are 16-20 weeks of age; therefore, our policy is to NOT take deposits on newborn kittens. If a kitten is determined to be show quality during this time, that kitten is kept and shown, then bred to improve the breed. Those that do not quite make the “show kitten cut,” are available for purchase as household pets (after they are neutered or spayed.) CFA judges use the CFA Siamese Breed Standards….body, color, head conformation, boning”….these things (and more) are scored in competition. The most detailed of reasons can determine show or pet quality…”shade of eye color, line of profile, set of ears, etc.” A Geishagoll Siamese kitten that is "available for a pet home" may not be as highly competitive for the smallest of reasons in the show ring. This is to your advantage as a pedigreed cat buyer, as the price of a household pet is far less than the price of a top show cat for breeding. Make no mistake–these Geishagoll Siamese kittens are every bit as healthy, stunning, and loving; just not as competitive for the CFA show ring.

For these reasons, we will select your kitten for you, following your Geishagoll Siamese client review. You are welcome to request a specific coat color or sex of kitten; we will let you know as soon as a requested kitten becomes available. Keep in mind that the more specific your request, the longer the wait period could be. We maintain a waiting list and contact (via phone and email) interested clients when we feel a kitten may be right for them. Should you choose the kitten being offered, Geishagoll Siamese will request a non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold the specific kitten for you. If your deposit has not been received within one week of the verbal agreement, Geishagoll Siamese reserves the right to consider the offer void, and will then offer the kitten to the next person on the waiting list.

Payment for your kitten is due in full prior to pickup or transport of the kitten, via certified check or money order. Personal checks require 14 business days to clear prior to pickup or transport of your kitten. Electronic payments (such as PayPal) are subject to a 10% transaction fee and a five business day hold to ensure verified accounts.

Geishagoll Siamese has the right to refuse sales, or refund monies paid, if it is determined that the cat/kitten and prospective adopting family are not a good match for each other.

We want a young kitten so our family can bond with our newest family member.

Siamese kittens are slow to mature and wean off of their mothers. Geishagoll Siamese will determine when a kitten is ready to leave based on a number of factors, including: their weight, how well they are eating on their own, and their social development. Typically this is at about 16 weeks for a male kitten (who should weigh 2.5 lbs.) and 16-20 weeks for a female kitten (who should weigh 3 lbs.) Females need to be a bit larger for spay surgery, as it is a much more invasive procedure

For further reading on this subject and to help you understand why reputable breeders don't adopt out kittens under the age of 12 weeks, please read "What Age to Adopt?" and "How Young is Too Young?".

Your Geishagoll Siamese kitten will be family-ready, litter box trained, eating well, and have the maturity to make a successful transition. Purchasing kittens that are immature often results in bad experiences with emergency veterinary visits. Tiny kittens can stop eating, become dehydrated quickly, and die. Our kittens are ready to transition to your home when they have strong immune systems and are both emotionally and physically ready to leave their mothers and littermates. More on socializing your new family member in the “Socializing Your Kitten” section, below.

Why so expensive?

Contact us for pricing, as each litter of kittens is from different pairings of adults (and those adults' offspring may be more winning in the show ring than others.) We are present for the birth of your kitten and care for all the babies–literally around the clock–with excellent veterinary support, the very best of nutrition, and a healthy, clean environment. Geishagoll Siamese prides itself, and its reputation, on breeding in the most ethical, safe, and humane way.

Your Geishagoll Siamese cat will be CFA registered and an outstanding and lovely pet, bred from quality pedigrees we have been working with for over 30 years.

Any new or returned cat that enters our home is thoroughly tested with complete blood panels and isolated for a period of time. You can be assured that your kitten will be FeLV/FIV and heartworm negative. Kittens will have at least their first two kitten vaccination series, worming, and a tip-to-tail physical completed by a licensed veterinarian. Kittens will also have their neuter or spay surgery done by the time they leave for your home. To provide you with a healthy kitten from good lines, this requires pedigree research, purchasing of out-cross lines, food, supplements, supplies, and any emergencies that may occur.

Can we visit our prospective kitten?

Once your kitten has received its first booster vaccine between 8-12 weeks of age and a licensed vet exam, you may schedule a one-hour visit at the Geishagoll Siamese cattery to meet your kitten. For the sake of your kitten, as well as other cats in the cattery, we ask that you please not schedule your visit on a day you may be visiting an animal shelter or other breeder, in order to protect the health of all the cats. The Geishagoll Siamese cattery is also our home, and we do not permit visits that are not related to purchasing a kitten.

Geishagoll Siamese visitation policy*

* A scheduled, in-person visit is permitted (one hour in length) only after your prospective kitten has received its first vaccination and vet exam.

What is included when we purchase our kitten?

Prices are available upon request for Geishagoll Siamese kittens that are sold as household pets. Your newest family member will be CFA registered with a pedigree. In addition, upon registering your kitten with CFA, you will receive a complimentary 30-day health insurance plan through CFA. Your Geishagoll Siamese kitten will arrive with a complimentary gift bag, including food samples and toys, and one year, live-person support is a phone call or email away, 24/7 with your personal Geishagoll Siamese Kitten Coordinator. Geishagoll Siamese also provides a health guarantee, please see the Geishagoll Siamese Contract.

What if our kitten doesn’t work out?

We consider these babies our children, especially since we have aided in their development since their birth. Please take time to carefully consider a new kitten and complete the Geishagoll Siamese Client documents; they will guide all of us to the selection of your new kitten. We want to make sure this is a happy experience for your kitten, as well as your family. PLEASE make sure you are ready to adopt and your lifestyle is stable enough to commit to your Geishagoll Siamese.

Give your new kitten/cat time to adjust to it's new surroundings. Remember, especially with a kitten, this is its first time away from the only home it has known, and it may be confused, insecure, or frightened at first. Sometimes adjusting can take a week or so; we have developed some guidance that you’ll find in your Kitten Guide packet that should help minimize many of the common adjusting issues. Give him/her some time, and don't expect it to be friends with you right away. Try to keep its new environment (for a couple of days at least) quiet and stress-free, while he/she gets used to you, your family, and its new home. Don’t forget, live-person support is a phone call or email away, 24/7.

Understand, we only take back kittens with refund within 72 hours. And if a kitten/cat needs to be returned, please understand that this will have to be done at the adoptive families own expense.

Please understand that in addition to the non-refundable deposit, for those kittens returned within the first 72 hours there is an additional $140 fee to test your kitten, bathe, and isolate your kitten before they can be integrated back into the group. Geishagoll Siamese is a FeLV, FIV, and ringworm negative cattery, and we can only guarantee against these diseases if we test for them. We do this for ANY cat coming in, whether from a trusted cattery or from a family home, regardless of any tests conducted anywhere else. We test EACH AND EVERY cat that passes through the door. This is for our protection and peace of mind–the welfare of your kitten is very important to us, as it should be to you.

For kittens returned after 72 hours, we do not refund any adoption fees.

Will you supply references?

We are happy to supply Veterinary, Breeder, and CFA judge references. Should you be interested in contacting other Geishagoll Siamese families who own our stunning Siamese cats, a list will be made available to you. We love repeat owners! If you’ve had one of our cats in the past, we welcome your interest in another Geishagoll Siamese friend.

How will we receive our kitten/cat?

Geishagoll Siamese is located near Salt Lake City, Utah. There are a number of options available for transporting your kitten/cat to you, including you picking up your kitten/cat in person. If you choose to fly to Salt Lake City to pick up your kitten, we are happy to meet you at the Salt Lake International Airport to deliver your kitten to you. There are a number of steps and certifications needed for live animal transport via commercial airlines, so please let us know if you intend to go this route.

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